Archaeology and Development: Natural Partners

  • Author: Arlene K. Fleming
  • Topic: Environmental archaeology,Heritage studies
  • Related Congress: 13th Congress, Dakar

The policies of development institutions for safeguarding cultural resources,
in combination with national laws and regulations for cultural heritage
management and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), comprise a
potentially powerful opportunity for identifying and managing cultural resources.
Policies, guidance materials and exemplary projects of the World
Bank will be presented and discussed. Suggestions will be provided for
maximizing the effectiveness of these valuable management tools in African
countries, with emphasis on:
• Augmenting the archaeological record as part of the infrastructure development
• Building capacity for identifying, documenting, interpreting, conserving
and managing cultural heritage, including archaeological sites and materials;
• Creating public awareness and appreciation for material cultural and historical
• Using cultural heritage sites and materials as part of local economic development
strategies; and
• Integrating cultural heritage into national and regional development

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