Toward the Development of a Heritage Management Plan for Moche Borago Rockshelter and Wolayta, Ethiopia

  • Author: Steven A. Brandt, Hailu Zeleke & Minassie Girma
  • Topic: Heritage studies
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Related Congress: 13th Congress, Dakar

This paper focuses upon one of Ethiopia’s first attempts to create a sustainable heritage management plan for a non-World Heritage site, in collaboration with local communities, regional governments and the private sector. The plan is designed to: 1) preserve and protect Moche Borago, a large rockshelter encompassing 60,000 years of archaeological deposits; 2) involve the private sector and local communities in the development of an eco-friendly hotel complex; and 3) inform the local, regional and tourist communities of the rich but fragile cultural and natural heritage of the Wolayta region of southwestern Ethiopia. The paper will consider the positive and negative social, financial and political aspects of developing such a sustainable heritage management plan.

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