The Tsodilo Hills project

  • Author: Didier Bouakaze-Khan
  • Topic: Heritage studies,Rock art studies
  • Country: Botswana
  • Related Congress: 13th Congress, Dakar

The Tsodilo Hills lies in farthest North West corner of Botswana. The hills have been inscribed on the World Heritage list maintained by UNESCO a decade ago. Several management plans have been drawn and partially implemented. The site is under the responsibility of the National Museum of Botswana and managed by a recently established Trust Management Authority, in which local communities are represented along Government officials and other stakeholders.The tourism activities are slowly but steadily increasing. The archaeological researches conducted specifically on the Rock Art endowment at this extraordinary site are scarce. The idea of the Tsodilo project presented here is to analyse and evaluate the state of knowledge and conservation of the paintings and to propose a way forward for the ‘Lascaux of the Kalahari’.

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