The Reality of Ethnoarchaeology as a Framework for Research

  • Author: Olalekan Akinade
  • Topic: Ethno-archaeology
  • Related Congress: 13th Congress, Dakar

The use of ethnographyas an adjunct to archaeology enhanced researches in archaeology and subsequently led to the coining of ethnoarchaeolgy as a concept.

Ethnoarchaeology is adopted so as to formulate, postulate, generate and test hypotheses in order to make the implicit archaeological record to become explicit. The essence of ethnoarchaeology is to broaden the scope of interpretations and explanations in archaeological investigations. It hinges its relevance and applicability on the continuity of historical traditions between the ethnographic present and the archaeological record. The goal of ethnoarchaeolgy is to study material culture and explain the inherent Man’s behavioural activities.

The paper exrays the dynamic nature of ethnoarchaeology as a paradigm, its empirical perspective and related scientific approach in discerning the activities in the archaeological record. It is asserted that a correct use of ethnoarchaeology is rewarding. A problem-focused and hypotheses-based researches are always revealing if ethnoarchaeology is the standpoint.

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