The Evolution of Settlements in the Okun Speaking Area of Kogi State, Central Nigeria

  • Author: Clement Olumuyiwa Bakinde
  • Topic: Ethno-archaeology,Theory and method
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Related Congress: 13th Congress, Dakar

Using a multidisciplinary approach, this paper documents the evolution of settlements in the Okun speaking area of central Nigeria. It brought forth the four discernable patterns and their significance in the history of the people. The paper is of the view that the type of places inhabited by people is predicated on a number of salient issues. This ranges from the economic to the security aspects of the life of the people and sundry other related issues. The settlement pattern is tackled based on information gathered from ethnographical and archaeological data. From the data, it is clear that the locale inhabited at any period by the people is dependant on their immediate needs. Once a particular location cannot satisfy that need, they move elsewhere. In addition, external factors have a pull on the area chosen for habitation by the people. The paper also looks at the changes in the settlement pattern of the people based on their settlement layouts and the way and manner in which they utilize the spaces available to them from nature.

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