Beyond Legislations and Policies: Approaches to Managing Renewed Interest in Archaeology in Ghana.

  • Author: William Narteh Gblerkpor
  • Topic: Theory and method
  • Country: Ghana
  • Related Congress: 13th Congress, Dakar

There has been significant increase in archaeological research projects and activities in Ghana during the last decade. This renewed interest in the discipline is manifested in various forms, including growing communitybased collaborative research projects, local-international partnership projects, and contract archaeological surveys. Currently, archaeologists are being contracted to conduct preventive archaeological studies, or to partner with local communities to develop tourist attractions/cultural villages. But Ghana’s failure to pass a revised National Archaeological/Monuments Bill is being considered as the greatest threat to this emerging trend. In this paper I will argue that beyond legislations and policies, this current interest can be sustained and even accelerated through other existing methods. Drawing on examples from the Krobo Mountain Archaeological Research Project, a collaborative project between the University of Ghana and the Traditional Councils of Krobo, Ghana, I will demonstrate how knowledge sharing-based approaches to research can help in sustaining the renewed interest in archaeology in Ghana.

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