Ways to Decolonize Pedagogies of Archaeology

  • Author: Asmeret G. Mehari
  • Topic: Archaeometry
  • Related Congress: 13th Congress, Dakar

In archaeology, one of the main routes by which decolonization occurs is that of promoting equal education and training opportunities for all. In this paper, reflecting upon my personal journey in archaeology, I will: 1) address how pedagogies of archaeologies are still colonial, and 2) emphasize the need to scrutinize archaeology in higher education. My acculturation and experience in archaeology both in Africa and the United States of America has allowed me to immerse and think critically on how to indigenize, decolonize, and democratize my work as well as the academic settings in which I study or teach. This process of ethical self reflexivity has also guided me to focus on “Decolonizing Pedagogies of Archaeologies” as my dissertation research. Based on my personal and research experiences, I will highlight how indigenous archaeology, critical pedagogy, ethnographies of stake-holders, and ethical self reflexivity are vital in decolonizing the pedagogy
of archaeology in higher education.

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